Saturday, July 2, 2011

Planet Wise Wet Bag & Diaper Pail Liner Reviews

 As promised from a previous post, here is my review for the Planet Wise wet bag.  I initially purchased a small wet bag for my diaper bag.  Within days of the birth of my daughter we were able to try it out.  She is exclusively breastfed, so her poo is watery and only has a faint odor.  After several outings and using the wet bag, I couldn't be more pleased with the performance.  I have put dirty wet and soiled diapers in the bag for extended periods of time and it doesn't smell at all.  Her diapers are wet, but not dripping with water, so I do not know the full extent of its leak protection.  I must be honest though.  When I first bought it, I poured a cup of water in it, zipped it up and shook it around with no leaks.  I'm pretty sure it will hold up to leaks if I ever need it to.  I like it so much I ended up buying a medium bag for upstairs (Pack and Play with a changing table in the living room) and a diaper pail liner for the nursery.  The diaper pail liner is elastic at the top and it stays wide open and uncovered with no issues of any odors.  The medium bag I keep zipped up halfway, but I used to keep it completely unzipped and had no issues with odor at all.  I now have to keep it zipped halfway to keep our Golden Retriever out of it.  I found out the hard way he likes to eat the soiled diapers and he will pull every single one out of the bag.  Once the soiled diapers are out of the bag, my little Chihuahua likes to roll around in them.  Yes, we have an interesting household.  No, it has nothing to do with the performance review of the wet bags, but I thought I'd give a fair warning to anyone that has dogs.  I can happen & it's pretty gross.  It's also not fun following a dog around after every time he poops to make sure all of the diaper has come out.  Of course, the first time my Chihuahua decided to roll around in dirty diapers, she pulled the soiled diaper out herself and proceeded to carry it to the middle of the living room and roll in it...... while I had company!  It was cute and funny watching her roll around and play with it.  That is until my guest asked what that was and I realized it was a dirty diaper!  Sick, sick dogs I tell ya!

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