A blog huh?

It's a little bit more about me and how this blog came to be.  Yes, I know most of what is written below is said in my first blog post.  It's my fancy little way of making sure you are paying attention.  I did add a few things and left a few things out.  It's kinda of like my version of Where's Waldo?  See if you can find the differences.....

I was more of a tomboy than I was a girly girl.  Although I played with Barbies, I had just as much fun in the dirt and climbing trees.  My mom found a frog I brought home and was pretty upset.  Not because he was jumping all over the house, but because he was dead.  Not like dying and I was trying to rescue him and nurse him back to health, I mean completely dead.  He was flatter than a sheet of paper and I thought that was the coolest thing in the world and I had to have one.  I don't think I have even been what you would call "normal".  Heck, I met my childhood best friend when I was spitting on a fire ant bed.  She of course called me out like I was the crazy one, but have you ever been bitten by a fire ant?  There's a reason they have that name.  They are just plain mean and I was doing my part in trying to drown them.

I have always been a thrifty, healthy, crafty, "save the planet" kind of girl.  I've been recycling since I was a kid, helped my parents and family with gardening and canning food (and liked it), when we shop for groceries we buy fresh fruits, veggies and meat and mostly stay away from the boxed and canned foods, I make my own lotions, face creams and oils so I know exactly what is being put on my skin, we hand wash and air dry our dishes, we have a small garden and composter in the back yard and if I can make it instead of buying it I will. I enjoy sewing and gardening and I don't even mind pulling weeds.  I'm not the best cook on the planet or even in California, but I like to learn new things and experiment.  My husband has always been an excellent guinea pig, but he's not the best liar.  My food is edible, usually isn't burned and most of the time tastes pretty good.  It's gotten much better and I know it will only continue to.  Recycling is what you might call a passion of mine.  Some people I used to work with were scared to throw away glass or plastic bottles when I was there.  They knew I was watching and I would sometimes see them reach into the trash to get it out if they caught my eye. Later I was told by several co-workers that it got them in the habit of recycling at home as well and they were more aware of what they were putting in the trash.  I know I can't save the planet on my own, but I'm slowly building up my army and they will help me.

Currently I am a wife and a mother of five. Grant it my five babies walk on all fours and are covered in hair, I'm still their mommy. After becoming a wife I can easily say I have become more like a cat. No, I don't lay around all day and only get up to eat and use the bathroom, I have been domesticated. Those who knew me before can probably remember me saying I won't get married and I don't want kids. It's truly amazing how one person can make you see life in a whole new way. We are expecting our first child in late May 2011. Once I saw her tiny body on the first ultrasound, I fell in love all over again. It's crazy how much love I feel for someone I have never even met. I guess that's what being a mom is all about. She has been a pretty good tenant so far, but I think she's ready to move out into the big "real" world. Either that or she is doing some major renovations in there because there is a lot of bumping, rolling, pushing and shoving going on in there. I can't wait to teach a younger generation to take care of and respect the planet. In preparing for our little one, we were shocked by how many products are out there. I'm a pretty simple person and I was blown away by the amount of choice there are for every single product! I have done so much research on so many products, but I think I am finally realizing every person and every baby is different. Finding the right products for our baby will come down to basic trial and error. I've set up a You Tube account to post my reviews of the products I've tried in order to help out other parents in their decision making. I'm a hands on person and I know actually seeing a product and how it works helped me more than reading about it. I have also started a website that has DIY tips and ideas, recipes and helpful website links. I am hoping it should be going live in a week or two. My You Tube channel will also have videos of my DIY and natural cleaning products in action.

So this is how and why my blog was born.  All of this information in my head need to come out and be put to good use.  If I help one person, I have done my job.